Nonviolent Communication Animation

learn in 4 minute the basics of
Nonviolent Communication
Chief script & Content writer
  • Psychologist & NVC facilitator.

  • Studying, practicing and loving NVC since 2013.

  • CEO at NVC Israel Association

  • Training, mediating and facilitating NVC courses and workshops.

  • Leading the Hebrew Compassion Course.

  • Admin of the Israeli NVC facebook community

Content contributor & Funding
Whatever Works Book Kazula UL9A0695.jpg
  • Co-founder of the NVC Israel Association

  • Angel Investor & Entrepreneur

  • NVC has been changing my life since 2016

  • NVC meditation group facilitator

PM & Content Contributor
  • Project Management Professional for the last 20 years.

  • Certified personal Life Coach (CCIL).

  • Practicing Mindfulness and Buddhism

  • Leading a cluster of Facebook communities


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